Karnali Province (Pardesh) Nepal State-6

Karnali Province (Pardesh)

Karnali Province The western mid-hills and mountains are the parts of Karnali Province of Nepal which has covered an area of 29,984 sq. km. The climate is mainly cold and dry it. It links China in the north and its southern border is connected to province 5. Land is uneven and soil is infertile. This province is undoubtedly a challenging place in terms of development due to topographical complexity. Apple farming is famous production here. Mt. Kanjirowa, Mt. Patarasi, Mt. Gorakh are the main peaks. The big and beautiful lakes Rara and Phoksundo fall in this province. Badimalika, Deuti Bajai, Chandan Nath temple and Bulbule Lake are other major tourist and religious centers of the province. The trade centers are Birendranagar, Jumla, Dunai, Khalanga, etc. Rara and Shey-Phoksundo national parks add the beauty of this province. Chhetri, Magar, Brahmin, Thakuri, Bhotia live in this province.

Districts of  Karnali Province (Pardesh)

Karnali Province (Pardesh)

Karnali Province (Pardesh)

  1. Humla
  2. Mugu
  3. Kalikot
  4. Jumla
  5. Dolpa
  6. Deilekh
  7. Jajarkot
  8. West Rukum
  9. Saylan
  10. Surkhet

Karnali Province in brief

Area  304.49 sq km

Population   1569307 According to the census of 2011AD/2068BS

Population Density 5094 per sq km

Households,   267712

 Average Life Expectancy 65.67years

Literacy Rate Number of Districts   58.49 %

Number of Districts  10Rukum (western part), Salyan, Dolpa, Jumla, Mugu, Humla Kalikot, Jajarkot, Dailekh, and Surkhet)

Province Capital  Surkhet

Rural Municipalities, 54

Municipalities, 25

Major Castes   Brahmin, Chhetri, Kami, Magar, Thakuri, etc.

Major Languages Magar, Nepali, Bhote, etc.

Major Rivers  Mugu Karnali, Humla Karnali, Thuli Bheri, Sani Bheri, Tila, etc.

Crops Paddy, wheat, maize, millet, potatoes, orange, apple, etc

Major Peaks  Mt. Kanjirowa, Mt Patarasi, Mt. Gorakh, Kanti Himal, N Mt. Changla, Araniko Chuli Danphesail etc.

Tourist Destinations Rara Lake, Phoksundo Lake, Badimalika, Deuti Bajai Temple, Chandan Nath Temple, Bulbule Lake, Birendranagar, Jumla, Dunai, Khalanga, Rara National Park, Shey-Phoksundo National Park.